Business travel may now be back on the agenda for many companies, as the travel sector begins to recover from the impacts of Covid-19. You yourself may be once again packing your suitcase and checking out overseas opportunities. 
Regardless of whether you are an independent consultant travelling overseas on business, or a large organisation sending staff to far-flung places to transact business, it can be worthwhile making Personal Accident and Travel Insurance your travel buddy. 
This type of cover looks after a business’ people - including you, if you are a business traveller. It fulfils legal obligations with regard to duty of care - just as important overseas as on home soil - and steps in should any serious work-related injuries occur, wherever the ‘workplace’ may be. 
However, it also allows anyone heading abroad on business to know they have packed the best possible travel emergency cover and can access superb medical treatment and support services, should the worst occur. 
This includes specialist emergency medical repatriation, when necessary, and care in overseas hospitals. It allows family and friends to be kept informed of their loved one’s situation and even, under the terms of some policies, travel to visit them. 
Similarly, it can come to the insured’s aid, when they find themselves in a fix, having lost money, baggage, tickets, or had to cancel or cut short their plans, due to unforeseen circumstances and local situations. Flight rebooking assistance can be provided and emergency cash can be transferred, if required. 
It can facilitate easier travel, by providing services such as hotel check-in support and interpretation assistance and some policies will also offer a concierge service, booking tickets for corporate entertainment and sourcing gifts for those all-important clients whose culture may expect you to arrive armed with an appropriate present. 
Most importantly, there is a preventative element to this cover, with pre-departure security advice and training in key areas, including staying healthy, avoiding kidnap, observing local customs and avoiding becoming a victim of crime. Whilst in-location the cover provides regular updates and alerts with regard to health, weather and political situations. 
Should you operate in, or travel to, very sensitive areas of the world, optional upgrades may be available, to provide crisis support, should anyone find themselves in a particularly dangerous situation, such as kidnap or blackmail, and require specialist security assistance. 
If you are a director who travels, there is another good reason to consider such cover, as some policies can be extended to include leisure travel for your partner, children and domestic staff for up to 60 consecutive days. With internal UK trips also being covered by some policies, it can be great value for money.  
With none of us knowing what lies ahead when we travel, it pays to be armed with quality insurance protection, to safeguard health and wellbeing and comply with the legal duties associated with running a business. This type of business travel insurance policy certainly ticks the right boxes. 

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