Any claim can be disruptive with major losses causing a significant threat to your business if the correct cover isn’t in place. 

Our 360 degree philosophy is to ensure from the start of our relationship that your cover will respond when you need it the most, alleviating the risk of claims being declined or repudiated. When a claim occurs, we are here every step of the way to ensure swift and fair settlement, with support and guidance throughout. 
We make the process as simple as possible from the outset without the need for long winded claim forms. 
020 3830 7060 

 In the event of a loss we recommend that you;  

NEVER admit liability to other parties as this may prejudice your Insurers position. 
Contact us as soon as is reasonably possible in the event of an incident so we can assist and advise from the outset. 
If other parties are involved, take their details including address, email, phone number and their insurance details (if applicable). 
Take photos at the scene providing it is safe and practical to do so. 
If the incident is motor related, it’s beneficial to take photos of all vehicles and parties involved, including an empty vehicle which demonstrates there were no passengers. 
Take the details of any witnesses including address, email and phone number. Collate witness statements at the scene, if the situation allows. 
In the event of property damage, emergency works should be arranged without prior approval to mitigate further losses. 
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